6 Tips to better enjoy your cigars

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Cigar smoking is an enjoyment that has more than 200 years of history. For many it is a way of art that they care to know well. For them it is not enough to smoke a well-made and rich in flavors cigar but they also care for their origin and the manufacturing stages. Some collect the paper rings and cigar boxes they smoke as works of art while they care to choose the best accessories that will help them to maximise the enjoyment the can get from a cigar. 

The entry into the magic world of cigars has some basic principles and rules, especially if you want to enjoy your cigar to the maximum.

  1. First and foremost, there is Market Research. There are tenths of cigar stores, either physical or e-shops. We select those that are supplied from official represenataives  so we can guarantee their quality and autheniticity. If we decide to buy cigars from online shops we demand perfect packaging and quick delivery so our cigars remain in perfect condition until we take delivery of them.
  2. We do not supply cigars from foreign internet shops without paying taxes at the customs office, even if they are based in European Union countries, Every country has different taxes for tobacco products and their trading is porhibiteed without following the related laws. Obatining cigars in a lower price may be tempting but it is illegal to obtain them without declaring them at the related customs office. 
  3. The third most important step, to enjoynig your cigars, is buying a good humidor. A quality humidor closes well, allowing enough airflow and prevents mold creation. We try to not put different cigars in the same humidor in order not to mix their aromas. We care to supply the best accessories for our humidor. It is essential to supply a good humidity meter which we consult in order for the humidity to be at the correct levels (about 70%-72%) and a thermometer so we can check that the temperature is in normal levels (18-20 Celcius Degrees). You can find humidors and high quality accessories at http://www.cigarsgalaxy.gr/axesouar/humidors-analosima
  4. For the transportation of cigars you should supply a good case that will keep them at the correct humidity levels during trasnportation. You can find quality cases for your cigar transportation at www.cigarsgalaxy.gr/axesouar/humidors-analosima
  5. The cigar cap is cut moments before cigar smoking. You should obtain the suitable one for the cigar size we smoke. Cigar cutters with bad-quality blades can destory your cigar. You can find a lot of cutters at http://www.cigarsgalaxy.gr/axesouar/pourokoptes
  6. You should light your cigar uniformly in all of its area. You should smoke it calmly. Irregular and continuous puffs will rise the cigar temperature. For the correct lighting of your cigar there are special lighters that you can find at http://www.cigarsgalaxy.gr/axesouar/anaptires

2 Comment(s)

27/04/2020, 01:48:02 PM

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11/06/2020, 01:15:22 PM, www.profelmnet.com

Η απόλυτη εξυπηρέτηση, είτε ιντερνετικά είτε από το κατάστημα με την μοναδική ευγένεια. Παράδοση κατ΄οίκον σε μένα αυθημερών. Αν βαθμολογούσα θα έβαζα μόνο άριστα. δεν σας αλλάζω με τίποτα αγαπητοί μου και χίλια μπράβο για την οργάνωσή σας.

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