General Questions about Cigars

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What is the anatomy of the cigar?

The cigar consists of the Filler, the internal filling of tobacco, the Binder, the tobacco leaf that maintains the consistency of the Filler, and the Wrapper, the outer tobacco leaf that gives it a shape and secures the Filler and the Wrapper.

What is the Filler?

The Filler can be harvested from any part of the plant. The leaves located at the top usually give a Filler with stronger flavor while the lower leaves are burned better. Most cigars have mixed Fillers from different parts of the plant so they can have the correct flavor and a balanced burning.

What are the Filler types?

Cigars are split into two types, Long Filler, their filling is from whole tobacco leaves and are of very high-quality, and in Short Filler, their filling is from chopped tobacco leaves.

What is the Binder;

It is the tobacco leaf that keeps the filling together and is usually made from lower quality leaves.

What is the Wrapper;

It is the outer tobacco leaf that gives the cigar its shape and adds to the flavor and the aroma. The quality of the Wrapper must be high because it completes the final image and flavor of the cigar.

What is the Vitola?

The word Vitola is reffering to the shape and size of the cigars. There are some Vitolas that are made from more than one cigar manuacturer while each one may create a tottaly new shape and size used only in his cigars.(

What are the basic cigar shapes?

The basic shapes of cigars are Parejos, cigars with a straight shape and Figurados, cigars with an exotic and weird shape. (

What do the numbers mean on the cigars?

The 2 numbers on the cigars refer to the ring and the Length.

How is the ring in cigars measured?

The ring is measure in 1/64 inches. For example a cigar with ring 50 has a ring of 50/64 inches.

How do we measure the length of the cigar?

The length of the cigar can be referring to inches or millimeters.. For example a 5 inch cigar is 127 millimeters.

What do we call the two ends of the cigar?

The end which we smoke is called 'Cup' and the end which we light up is called 'Tuck' or 'Foot'.

What is the best cigar size?

The cigar size that someone will select depends on their personal taste and the time they want to spend enjoynig the cigar.

How are cigars manufactured?

The cigars are either fully hand-made('totalmente a mano') from experts and are more expensive or are made with machines and are cheaper.

Where are thye cigars made?

The main producer of cigars is Cuba, where we meet the more expensive and higher quality hand-made cigars.

High quality and cheaper cigars are made in other countries too, like the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, the Honduras, Costa Rica and even Greece.


Why are cigars so expensive?

In order to make cigars, a lot time and skill is needed. The manufacturing proccess, from the planting of the seeds untile their manufacturing can take more than 3 years and hundreds of people need to work.


How do we cut the end of the cigar?

In order to cut the end of the cigar we need a special tool that is called cigar cutter. There are a lot of different designs, sizes and qualities.

What is the correct way to light my cigar?

You should try to light your cigar uniformly without burning it too much so you can avoid overheating and bad flavor. In the market there are special lighters with butane for lighting your cigar.

Why isn't my cigar burned uniformly?

Usually the cigar isn't burned uniformly because it hasn't been lit up correctly. Some times this can occur due to the wind outdoors.

Should i remove the tape from the ring?

Removing the tape is clearly a personal choice. It should be done with extreme care so the wrapper doesn't rip in the spot where it touches with the tape.

When should i remove the ash from the cigar?

The ashes on the cigars is very stable and can last long before it falls. So dont worry and do not remove it often because it can damage the cigar. You can find special ashtrays for cigars.

How much can i smoke my cigar?

You can smoke it as long as it is enjoyable. When you finish let it put out itself. If you put it out it may have a very bad smell.

What should i be careful of when I am smoking?

Cigars are sensitive and you should be very careful while handling them. They can be damaged when you press them too hard or when theyfall down. Their too ends are the most sensitive. For example the cap is very sensitive and can open up if you push it. You should hold your cigar from the middle and at least one centimeter away from its ends.

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