Simple Instructions for an enjoyable pipe smoking

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It is true that the pipe smoking has a procedure, but we, as smokers, like it very much.

The instructions below are for the people just starting smoking and has as a target to offer an enjoyable smoking but also to maintain the good conditon of your pipe for a long time.


I would suggest to select a medium size bowl with a filter. If it is straight or curved has no effect. A semi-curved pipe may be better.

You do not need to buy a very expensive pipe at the start. It is better, with the same amount of money to buy two of medium price.

After buying the basics, one pipe, pipe tool, tobacco, cleaning sticks, pipe lighter, comes the time of the first try, but first you need to clean the smoking pipe.



With tissues or with a suitable fabric, cleaning sticks and an alcohol mixture, you should clean the bowl and the mouth piece, for hygiene reasons and to also wipe residues from varnishes or paints used during the pipe production.

We start the break-in of the pipe. A process that will last for about 6-7 smoking sessions and has the target to create the essential charcoal in the bowl. You should light the pipe indoors and put a little tobacco inside. You should puff slowly and not heat it too much. You should follow the same procedure for about six more times and slowly fill the bowl to the brim. You are now ready. A cake of 1mm thickness has been created in the bowl, a protective layer of burned tobacco and charcoal that acts as insulation.

There is another method. According to it you should fill the bowl from the start. You should smoke calmly without heating the bowl too much and in the end you should carefully remove the tobacco remainings. This process is to be repeated 7-8 times.



  • ·    You do not need to use alcohol in the pipe bowl, like some people suggest.
  • ·    You should fill the pipe with tobacco in layers. Push only at the end when the tobacco fills the bowl.
  • ·    You should light the tobacco keeping the flame above the tobacco not the wood. You should not burn the bowl.
  • ·    After smoking do not disassemble the pipe and do  not clean it instantly. Leave it to cool off. The pipe could be destroyed.
  • ·    Leave the pipe to dry for 1-2 days     

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11/02/2021, 10:45:17 PM, yahoo

Κύριοι, καλὸ σὰς ἀπόγευμα. Ἐνδιαφέρομαι νὰ ἀγοράσω μειωτήρες γιὰ πίπες φίλτρου ἔξι καὶ ἐννιὰ χιλιοστῶν. Καπνίζω ἐδῶ καὶ καιρὸ ἄφιλτρο καὶ ὅπως καταλαβαίνετε τὸ νὰ σκάει ζωντανὴ ἡ ρουφηξιὰ στὸ στὸμα μου, δὲν εἶναι καὶ ὅ,τι τὸ καλύτερο. Χώρια ἡ ἐκτεταμένη ἀνάγκη γιὰ καθάρισμα ἀφοῦ γεμίζει ὅλος ὁ χῶρος τοῦ φίλτρου μὲ κάρβουνο καὶ λάσπη, ἀπομεινάρια καπνίσματος. Παρακαλῶ, ἐνημερώστε με ἄν ἔχετε καὶ γιὰ τί τιμὲς μιλάμε. ΧαιρετισμούςἘπίσης, κάτι ποὺ ἀκολουθῶ ἐγώ, στὴν χρήση τῆς πίπας. Μποροῦμε νὰ χρησιμοποιήσουμε ὅσες φορὲς θέλουμε τὴν πίπα ἀλλὰ ὅσα μπὼλ καπνίσουμε (δώδεκα γιὰ μένα) τὸσες μέρες πρέπει νὰ κάτση ἡ πίπα νὰ ξεκουραστῆ. Ὁ καλύτερος τρόπος ποὺ βρῆκα νὰ καθαρίζω τὶς πίπες μου, εἶναι τὸ νὰ γεμίζω τὸ μπὼλ μὲ ἀλκοολικὴ λοσιὸν. Τὴν κρατάμε λίγο καὶ τὴν ἀδειάζουμε ἀπό τὸ στέλεχος. Μετὰ μὲ μαχαιράκι, ξύνουμε τὸ ὑπερβολικὸ κάρβουνο ἀπὸ τὸ μπὼλ τῆς πίπας. Κατὸπιν, μὲ χαρτὶ ὑγείας καὶ μάκτρα καθαρίζουμε τἀ ὑπολείμματα τῆς καύσης

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