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Cigars are not only an enjoyment for smokers but also art. Usually cigar smokers remind us of art lovers and their knowledge for cigars is similar to scientific knowledge.

Entry of a new cigar smoker in the magic world of cigars becomes more meaningful when he gets accustomed with the complexity of sizes, shapes and colours of the cigars.


Sizes and Shapes

The shape of a cigar can vary in size from company to company. Cigars have two measurements.The ring size and the length. There is no correlation between size and flavor intensity.An 8 inch (178 mm) cigar that conatins light tobacco will be soft and a short cigar with strong tobacco will have a full body with intensity. Also different cigar companies have different flavors.


Parejos are the cigars with straight sides. Most of them have an open base for lighting and you should cut them before smoking. They may be rounded or squared either because of their packaging or their manufacturing.

  1. Corona: It is cigar size used to measure other sizes. Traditionally they are 5 ½ to 6 inches (140-152mm) and have a ring of 42 to 44. For example
  1. Petit Corona: It is just a small Corona.Traditionally they are 4 ½ inches (114mm) and have a ring of 40 to 42 for example
  1. Churchill: This is a large Corona and its standard dimensions are 7 inches (178mm) with ring 47. For example
  1. Robusto: This is a short and thick cigar that is extremely popular in America. Its size generally ranges from 4 ¾ to 4 ½ inches (120-140mm) and its ring from 48 to 52. For example
  1. Corona Gorda: Corona Gorda are also called Toro. Traditionally they are 5 5/8 inches (145mm) with ring 46 but we also meet them at a length of 6 inches (152mm) and ring 50. For example
  1. Double Corona: Its traditional dimensions are from 7 ½ to 8 ½ inches (190-216mm) and have a ring of 49 to 52. For example
  1. Panetela: It is a long, slim and sophisticated cigar with ever-increasing popularity. It has a wide variety in its length ranging from 5 to 7 ½ inches (127-190mm) and ring 34 to 38. Longer Cigars in this class are often referred to as Gran Panetelas. For example
  1. Lonsdale: Lonsdale are generally longer than Corona but are thinner than Panetela and usually range at 6 ½ inches (165mm) with ring 42. For example



Despite most of the cigars being Pajeros, more and more companies widen their variety adding new and creative shapes. These shapes are called figurados and contain all of the shapes that do not have straight rounded sides.The Figurados categories are:

  1. Pyramid: Usually they are cigars with a cut base like Pajeros but with a pointy head. In general they have a length of 6-7 inches (152-178mm) and a ring of 40 in the head and 52-54 in their base. Pyramids are thought to be very good because their pointy head allows the complex flavors to join together as you smoke it.For example
  1. Belicoso: Traditionally Belicosos are short Pyramides with a slightly round pyramid head. Their length is usually 5 to 5 ½ inches (127-140mm) and their ring is about 50. In our days, however, they are usually Coronas or Coronas Gordas with pointed heads. Lately there have been into production the Mini Belicosos that are short cigars with small ring and pointy head. For example
  1. Torpedo: Despite a lot of companies having cigars named Torpedos, they are usually Pyramides. The real Torpedo is a rare cigar that nowadays has a closed bottom end and a pointy head with a bulge in the middle.
  1. Perfecto: Like Torpedos Perfectos usually has a closed base and a bulge in the middle. In comparison to Torpedos, the Perfectos have a rounded head like the Parejos. They have a wide range of sizes from  4 ½ to 9 inches (114-229mm) and ring from 38 to 48. For example
  1. Culebra: Much more popular in the past, the Culebra shape is probably the most exotic somebody can find. It consists of 3 Panetelas tied together and sold as one cigar. The 3 parts then are split and are smoked individually. Usually they have a length of 5 to 6 inches (127-152mm) and ring 38. They are pretty rare.
  1. Diadema: These are extremely big cigars, more than 8 ½ inches (216mm) with a pointy head and ring 40. They may have an open bottom like the Parejos or closed like the Perfectos with a ring of 52 or bigger.

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