Τα πούρα A&G MOURTIDES παρασκευάζονται στην Ονδούρα και είναι πλήρως χειροποίητα. 

Η γεύση τους έχει μέτρια ένταση και είναι εξαιρετικά απολαυστικά. Αξίζει να τα δοκιμάσετε! VALUE FOR MONEY!!

FILLER: Criollo 98 από Νικαράγουα & Ονδούρα, BINDER: Criollo 98 από Ονδούρα, WRAPPER: Corojo από Ονδούρα. Το Perlas είναι Short Filler.

Εκτός από την κλασσική σειρά με 9 διαφορετικά vitolas υπάρχουν οι premium σειρές Patron, &  Double Shade Series καθώς και Cigarillos.

Ένταση: Απαλή προς Μέτρια

Συσκευασία: 25 Πούρα

Διαστάσεις: 102mm

Δαχτυλίδι: 42

A&G Mourtides was founded in Athens in 2007, but the real story begins much earlier when, in the mid-19th century, father and son Mourtides were engaged in tobacco cultivation and marketing. Tobacco Mourtides was so much sought after even in countries of America. However, historical developments in the first quarter of the 20th century both in the Asia Minor region and the Caucasus region were rapid and interrupted family activities. But behind them, they left stories, events and an inheritance that could only convey to her offspring the love of smoke but also give birth to the need to continue this great family tradition. Thus, at the end of the last century, the idea of A&G Mourtides began to be born. Since then, many trips have taken place for a single purpose: the discovery of the finest tobacco and cigars all over the world.

RingMedium (40-44)
Basic VitolaPerlas / Petit Coronas
Factory VitolaPerlas
Intensity of TasteLight to Medium

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