Unicos is probably the most balanced  Vegas Robaina cigar. It has "pure" cuban taste. It is generous and extremely balanced, full of flavors. With earthy and creamy notes, certain spice and chocolate consistent a very interesting cigar. The burn is even and the scent is perfect with superb grade tobacco. Unicos is a cigar for the experienced palate and has great potential if you give it the chance to mature.

Intensity of Taste: Medium to Full

Packaging: 25 Cigars

Dimensions: 156x20,64mm

Ring: 52

The Robaina family cultivated tobacco from 1845 on its precious plantations in the Cunchillas de Barbacoa area of the San Luis zone in Vuelta Abajo. The cigars of the company first appeared in 1997 as a tribute to the patriarch of the Don Alejandro Robaina family pictured in every box. And they welcome not only him but also the whole family together with the community of cultivators whom Habano's reputation has earned.

All Vegas Robaina cigars have wrappers from the family plantation and are handmade "totalmente a mano" and are made using the long filler "tripa larga" method.

RingLarge (45-56)
Basic VitolaPiramides / Torpedos
Factory VitolaPiramides
Intensity of TasteMedium to Full
AromasCoffee, Vanilla, Cocoa

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