VEGUEROS - Centrofinos

It is a tradition in the area of Vuelta Abajo that growers (vegueros) make their own cigars. Visitors to this part of the province of Pinar Del Rio often want to taste these hand-made cigars from the world's best tobaccos. As a result of this phenomenon, the Vegueros company was created in 1996 to honor all these generations of tobacco growers. Centrofinos is a toasty and solid cigar with medium bodied smoke. With its plenty of earth and spice character and balanced by herbal notes of consistent a worth tasting cuban cigar.

Intensity of Taste: Medium to Full

Packaging: 4 Cigars

Dimensions: 130mm

Ring: 50

In 1961, the Francisco Donatien plant in the Pinar del Rio Province in Cuba began the production of cigars for local consumption as a supplement to cigarette production. These cigars were mainly made for national holidays and other public events and became known as Vequeros by landowners and craftsmen in Cuba's tobacco and cane plantations. The first foreigners to experience Vegueros were tourists touring the plantations. In 1997 they were first launched in foreign markets by the state-owned company Habanos.

They are rich in flavor and are considered moderate to full intensity.

RingLarge (45-56)
Basic VitolaCentro Fino
Factory VitolaCentro Fino
Intensity of TasteMedium to Full
AromasWood-Cedar-Forest Fruits

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VEGUEROS - Centrofinos

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