XIKAR - XO Redwood Cigar Cutter (403RW)

Xikar's new XO Redwood Cigar Cutter has an excellent design inspired by diachronic design principles.

Stainless steel double blades of exceptional strength and quality work with a patent on a planetary gear system ensuring that the blades open and close in perfect harmony, providing a guided and clean cut each time.

The unique, round aluminum body of the XO is made for durable durability and outstanding performance.


  • Double guillotine
  • Aluminum body
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Planetary cutting system with five internal gears
  • Spring release button with spring blade
  • Diameter 2,38 "
  • 64 RG (cuts the 70RG cigar cover)

XO has been in research and development for more than 3 years

It allows a large 64 RG cutting opening, but also handles small RG cigars equally well

It can cut up ring 70 and the experience is as enjoyable as your cigar!

The history of Xikar begins in 1994 in Kansas. Kurt Van Keppel, (now president of Xikar) who wanted to buy a good cigar cutter, found many of the cheap models and high-end models with low performance. So he started with Scott Almsberger to design a more ergonomic handpiece. The result was the Xi cutter, which they built for the first time in their garages and is now the market leader.

XIKAR comes from the word sikar, which is said to be the first Spanish spelling of the word Taino for the cigar. The Tahn were the native populations of Spain and Cuba, where Columbus landed for the first time when he discovered the New World and smoke with him. We changed S to an X (representing 2 blades) and we had X cut the i, like a cutter that cuts a cigar!

Today, the company produces a complete range of cigar products such as lighters, travel humidors, ashtrays, cigar cases, humidifiers, hygrometers and so on. offering a lifetime guarantee for its products.

Xikar provides a lifetime warranty for this product!


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XIKAR - XO Redwood Cigar Cutter (403RW)

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