LA AURORA - 107 Nicaragua Gran Toro

La Aurora has created the Tobaccos Of The World series, starting a journey that will bring us closer to the flavors and peculiarities of tobacco around the world. The first stop is Nicaragua, where it uses the recognized 107 series to bring out tobacco exclusively from the Nicaraguan region.

An anniversary blend that pays homage to the years since the founding of the oldest and most internationally renowned cigar factory in the Dominican Republic.

•Wrapper: Nicaragua Esteli

•Binder: Nicaragua Condega

•Filler: Nicaragua

Aromas: A very special category with a beautiful and oily wrapper. This cigar offers spicy notes, soft skin flavors from its lighting, where it continues to offer us a balance of soil, wood and floral notes as you smoke. At the end of smoking, the flavors of licorice and nuts are distinct.

Intensity of Taste: Medium to Full

Packaging: 20 Cigars

Dimensions: 152mm

Ring: 58

The foundation of La Aurora dates back to 1903 in the Don Pedro community where Don Eduardo Leon Jimenes founded the cigar factory with the ambitious vision of creating world-class quality products of excellence. In 1963, the company passed into the hands of his son, Eduardo Leon Asensio, who joined forces with his brothers and successfully continued their father's tradition.

The aroma and flavor of St. Dominic's cigars enjoy worldwide recognition and international prestige with La Aurora being included in the list of the best cigars in the world.

RingVery Large (57-70)
Basic VitolaToros / Robustos Extra
Factory VitolaGran Toro
Other CharacteristicsLimited / Special Edition
Intensity of TasteMedium to Full
AromasWood-Cedar-Forest Fruits

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LA AURORA - 107 Nicaragua Gran Toro

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