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Ακολουθούμε όλα τα μέτρα υγιεινής στην διεκπεραίωση των παραγγελιών σας. Ωράριο Καθημερινές 10πμ-8μμ, Σάββατο 10 πμ-4μμ

“Wrapper” is called the outer part of the cigar and usually comes from the bigger leaves of the plant that are in the lower parts. It is wrapped around the cigar and maintains the shape and the internals of the cigar. It can deternmine the flavor and character of the cigar and usually the cigars are named after the colour of the wrapper. The colours of the wrapper vary depending on the processing method of the tobacco and the kind of the plant that is used. Adittionaly, the sunlight can have an important role. Wrappers growing under the sunlight are usually darker than those growing under the shade, even if they are from the same plant.

The most common wrapper types are:

  • Double Claro (Also called Candela). It is a soft green coloured wrapper. The hue is due to the drying method used which, by using heat traps the green colour of chlorophyll in the leaf.
  • “Claro” Its tint can be from a light brown to yellow and is achieved by growing the plant in the shade, under tents while the collecting of the leaves is done earlier and the drying is done using air. It is a wrapper that does not have a particular flavor and aroma and they allow the mixture of the filler to highlight its flavor and dominate.
  • “Colorado Claro”. It has a brown colour and its flavor is soft of medium intemsity. It comes from plants that mainly grow under the sun while they are left to mautre longer on the plant before harvesting.
  • “Colorado”. It has a reddish brown colour and its taste is strong and relatively spicy. It comes from plants that mainly grow in the shade.
  • “Colorado Maduro”.It has a dark brown color and rich and aromatic flavor. It is harvested from plants planted with Cuban seeds.
  • “Maduro”. It is a wrapper with dark brown and even black colours, The word Maduro means mature in Spanish and refers to the long time needed before its harvesting. The leaves used for the Maduros add to the cigar a particular flavor that tends to to have a soft aroma but rich to sweet flavor
  • “Obscuro”. It is a black wrapper and its a colour is achieved  by leaving the leaves on the plant for as long as possible. Leaves from the top of the plant are used and are fermented for an extremely long time. Their flavor is quite strong and enjoyable. Usually this colour is referred as ‘black’, ‘negro’ or ‘double Maduro’

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